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Hi! I have some of my own ideas for my own personal DC Universe(s). I'll have some fanfictions someday.

List of 52 Known Universes in my Multiverse:

Designation Inhabitants Notes First Appearance
New Earth The mainstream universe. Crisis on Infinite Earths #11
  • Home of the Golden Age heroes.
  • Kal-L and Kara Zor-L are declared missing.
Earth-3 Home of the Crime Syndicates of Amerika and the Justice Underground.
Earth-8 A pastiche of the main setting (Earth-616) shown in Marvel Comics.
Earth-13 The Vertigo Universe.
Earth-16 The universe depicted in Young Justice.
Earth-18 This Earth's Justice League is composed of marshalls operating in the Wild West. Justice Riders (1997)
Earth-20 This Earth is home to the Society of Super-Heroes.
Earth-23 This Earth is home to black versions of DC characters.
  • Home of variant versions of Animal Man, Batman, and B'wana Beast and many historical divergences, such as Hitler's hanging for his war crimes and Edward Kennedy's drowning at Chappaquiddick. The American government is corrupt and extremely right-wing.
  • The Buddy Baker of the Post-Crisis Earth could only exist on this Earth in the body and mind of that Earth's Buddy Baker and could only leave by killing his parallel self.
Animal Man #27
Earth-32 Bruce Wyane becomes this Earth's Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan. Batman: In Darkest Knight (1994)
Earth-34 The Earth depicted in Wonder Woman: Amazonia.
Earth-42 The Li'l Leaguers
  • This Earth contains "super deformed" versions of DC characters.
  • This Earth has no evil, death, and violence.
Earth-44 Metal League
Earth-50 Justice Lords
Earth-61 An Earth where Barbara Gordon and her boyfriend Richart Graustark become Batgirl and Robin in 1961 and fight against corrupt cops and other establishment types led by the white-faced Bianca Steeplechase, who later kills Richart. Gotham Police Detective Bruce Wayne, who has been framed for murder, then becomes Batman and Barbara later assumes the Robin mantle while seeking revenge for her lover's death. Batgirl & Robin: Thrillseeker #1 (Jan 1997)
Earth-86 Earth-AD
Earth-96 The Earth depicted in Kingdom Come.
Earth-97 The "Tangent Comics" Earth.
Earth-260 The Earth depicted in DC: The New Frontier.
  • An Earth of reversed-gender characters.
  • Desgination comes from Superman #349, which features a reversed-gender world created by Mxyzptlk
Earth-494 On this Earth, Leatherwing (Batman) and Robin Redblade (Robin) are pirates on the seven seas.
Earth-686 This Earth's Batman is a dark vigilante who fights crime and corruption, while Superman is a federal agent for the government. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (Feb 1986)
Earth-898 Variants of Post-Crisis Earth heroes Setting of The Nail and Another Nail. JLA: The Nail #1 (1998)
Earth-901 Stan Lee's Just Imagine... Earth.
Earth-1191 An Earth in which Batman has become a vampire. Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991)
Earth-1598 The universe depicted in Superman: Red Son.
Earth-1889 An Earth where Batman began his career in 1889 and fought against Jack the Ripper, who turns out to be the man who orchestrated the death of his parents. Gotham by Gaslight
Earth-2058 Homeworld of Tom Strong.
Earth-3839 A real-time Earth where Superman and Batman debuted in the late-1930s, as depicted in Superman & Batman: Generations.
Earth-D Justice Alliance of America Features a more ethnically-diverse version of several New Earth heroes, such as an Asian Flash, a black Superman and a Native-American Green Arrow. The Earth-D heroes had never experienced major tragedies in their lives. It was a combination of modern multi-cultural sensibilities combined with Silver Age-style innocence. Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths (Feb 1999)
Earth-Prime The real world.
Wildstorm Universe
(unnamed) Home of Starwoman (Courtney Whitmore), and older versions of Jakeem Thunder and the Wonder Twins. Countdown Arena #2 (Feb 2008)
(unnamed) Doc Savage, the Spirit, Rima the Jungle Girl and other pulp characters. An Earth of pulp characters, both derived from classic DC characters and also drawing on classic literary pulp characters. It is said that this Earth lacks a Superman, so as not to devalue Doc Savage. Batman/Doc Savage Special #1
(unnamed) Superman and Wonder Woman
  • A world with apparently no superheroes.
  • Clark Kent is a scholar and the biological son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Diana Prince is a librarian and the daughter of a U.S. Army general and immigrating Greek professor. The two meet in Metropolis, DE and soon got married.
  • Clark Kent becomes Superman after gaining powers "far beyond mortal men" from a formula. Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman by wielding the Godslayer forged by her Amazonian ancestors.
  • Superman and Wonder Woman are (so far) the only superheroes.
  • Clark has a little sister named Claire, who eventually becomes Supergirl.

Here's my main page.

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