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The Ultimen.The Ultimen were created by Project Cadmus to have a team of superheroes loyal to the United States government. HistoryThe Ultimen were test tube babies, created in Cadmus laboratories by Emil Hamilton and possessed complete sets of false memories (most likely implanted there by Dr. Hugo Strange, the only member in Cadmus with such a knowledge). When Wind Dragon began exhibiting unexpected changes in his powers, Cadmus discovered that the clones were unstable.Wind Dragon led the Ultimen on a rampage against both Cadmus and the Justice League after discovering their origin and condition. They were reasoned with by members of the League and stopped their rampage. Long Shadow left with the Justice League with the remaining members returning to Cadmus. Project Cadmus activated an army of mindless Ultimen clones to assault the Watchtower. It was believed erroneously that the original Ultimen had perished when the process of genetic deterioration of their cellular structures had reached the terminal stage and that they died as heroes. But that's not what happened ... Starting with Long Shadow that was saved from death placed in a state of cryogenic suspension by the League members who placed well in order to figure out just one way to cure it later. The same happened with other Ultimen also were closed in ecstasy cocoons although with less noble motives for the Cadmus needed their bodies to create an army of Ultimen. Later however the resurrected Lex Luthor Brainiac using technology to cure them and subject them to a brainwashing process transforming it into slaves subservient to his will. Meanwhile in League Watchtower super-android Amazo used his powers to heal Long Shadow finally awakened from long sleep that was submitted in time to help fight your friends dominated mentally. He managed to fool El Brujo for him to use his telepathy to try to master your mind when in fact it was J'onn Jonn'zz disguise he tried to dominate and with access to the minds of Ultimen Martian Manhunter can release the old heroes of the domain Lex Luthor for the Justice League together they thwart the villain's plan to merge again with Brainiac. Free at last, and healed the Ultimen started to act as an affiliate team the Justice League. Recently they also joined the Global Guardians to represent the countries they came from the genes that were created and the people they regarded as "Fathers" and "Mothers" genetic.

Members Wind DragonShifterDownpourLong ShadowJuiceEl Brujo Background information The Ultimen bear strong resemblances to the original characters created for the SuperFriends series in the 1970s and 80s (with the exception of El Dorado, which was not updated but whose sketch came to be thought of as the superhero magician illusionist with psychic powers, El Brujo. )

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