Justice Torres or Tomahawk is a massively built young man as well as the older brother of Paige Torres. When LexCorp purged his tribe and scorched his people's land for research and facility construction, Justice became a vigilante who would sneak into the built facility, and steal their supplies. This was mainly to help his people survive. Once his people could fend for themselves, Justice set out to become a hero so that once his name was known by the masses, he could share with the the horrible tragedies that struck his village thanks to Lex Luthor.

Justice T

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Real Name
Justice Torres



New Age Teen Titans

Paige Torres- Sister Sapphire Oak - Fiance

Base Of Operations
Oasis City: Titan HQ, Gotham City: Titan HQ





Unusual Features
Massive Physical Build (Very Muscular)



Marital Status

First appearance



Justice was born in a Native-American reservation in Nevada. His people suffered from poor conditions because of the horrible past the purged them all. Justice was never tought to hate these people however, to to learn from their own mistakes that not everyone should be expected to be the same. Justice began working as a contract construction worker outside of the reservation to help his people, but did work there for free (when he had the resources). This all changed when LexCorp began research again at Area 51. The reservation was purged with no real place to go. His people, desperate and in need of a savior, began to grow tired of trying to find a place to live, and were giving up hope. It was then, that Justice decided to disguise himself and sneak into Area 51. Despite his massive size he was successful, with the help of his sister. They began bringing whatever supplies they could to the people so they could restart. Over time with the help of a money loan from LexCorp for the purge, a small town was built. However, it was even smaller than their previous location. It was then that Justice decided that he would become a hero and tell the world of the evils of corporation and what it has done to his people. His sister joined him with her own plan of restoration.

Powers and Abilities




Above Average Strength: Justice is incredibly powerful for a normal human, and is able to wield a large battle-axe as well as throw it at enemies. He can use this power to hurl himself in the air, higher than the average human.

Superhuman Durability: Though it is unknown if Justice is a meta-human like his sister, he does posses superhuman durability. He can withstand multiple bullet wounds, and can run for miles without getting tired.

Strength level

Tolerance, His Strength, His Precision, Determined


Slow Reflexes, Emotions, Slow Running Speed


Equipment: A Battle Axe
Transportation: Walking
Weapons: Cherry Cutter - Battle Axe


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