Sophie Allen is a beautiful young woman living in Metropolis. She is a former nurse at the Metropolis General Hospital. After surviving experimentation by her former employer, Lex Luthor, Sophie was granted with telekinetic abilities. Fearing her newfound abilities, Sophie would search for help everywhere.

Sophie Allen

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Sophie Allen



Savior Core

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Savior Core HQ







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"All of these thoughts, every second of every day. It seems the only peace I can find is in sleep. Maybe my life hasn't changed all that much."
--Sophie speaking of her new abilities.


Sophie was born to Lyle and Sherry Allen. her family has always been financially stable. Sophie has had an extremely normal life. She was a relatively popular girl growing up who was an excellent student. It wasn't until she became a nurse in adulthood that her life would take a turn for better or worse. Though weary about the stories she had heard, a job was a job, and Sophie began working as a nurse at the Metropolis General Hospital. Here she worked in the LexCorp wing, but once she found out about the experiments they were performing on meta-humans, Sophie filed a complaint with the hospital. However, speaking to the hospital directors did little to help her cause seeing as most were in Luthor's pocket. On her way home, Sophie was attacked and brought back to the hospital one night. She awoke in a testing facility. She struggled to free herself, but was put into containment. After a few tests, Sophie was released. The scientists had alluded to the fact that Sophie was permanently changed. Unsure of what this meant, Sophie hid herself in a corner to avoid interaction with other "patients". Their thoughts began to cloud her mind, and the harsh reality of the scientists' words set in. She had gained telekinetic abilities. All of the minds of the victims in the hospital were enough to drive Sophie insane. To survive she had to escape. She used her new abilities to find out when guards changed shifts and how to get out of the experiment facility. With this knowledge, Sophie managed to escape. She was extremely afraid of her newfound abilities. Sophie sought help to learn how to use her abilities. She would find this help when contacted by Savior Core. They had discovered her escape from the hospital, and promised protection. Sophie readily agreed, and became a member. She has been under the guide of her peers on the team.

Powers and Abilities


Sophie has multiple telekinetic abilities. This includes the ability to read one's mind. She can also talk to people telepathically, and can erase memories from a person's mind. It is also possible for Sophie to persuade certain events through thoughts, though the ability is shady at best, and proves to backfire often. Finally, Sophie is able to shield herself with telepathic aura.


Thanks to her training in Savior Core, Sophie has learned hand-to-hand combat, and has gained the ability of levitation.

Strength level

Sophie has a wide variety of abilities all extremely useful to her allies.


Sophie can be weakened by headaches. She also is caused pain when she reads too many minds at once. This is a hard ability for her to control currently, so it can happen often.


Equipment: Sophie has protective gear supplied to her by Savior Core.
Transportation: Sophie is capable of limited flight and levitation. It is implied that she will eventually gain the ability to teleport.
Weapons: None known.


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