Olivia Nora Allen

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History Edit

Cooming Soon

Powers and Abilities Edit

Superior Adaptation - She can quickly adapt to any situation, automatically gaining the necessary attributes to face them. In a fight, they may adapt themselves to resist abilities, replicate and enhance them to surpass their opponents, or spontaneously develop specific countermeasures. They can also analyze and understand any object, person or situation, quickly deducing the best course of action.

They may develop Extrasensory Perception when searching for something, Teleportation when trying to reach a far away destination, Transformation when facing too many or powerful opponents. She can quickly recover from any damage, develop immunities to their source, even rebuild themselves from scratch (or environmental materials/energies if fully destroyed), and are thus virtually indestructible.

Weaknesses Edit

It takes a few seconds for the adaptations to kick in. May not be able to survive if the circumstance kills the user before adaptation takes place. May not be able to develop an immunity to Immunity Bypassing.

Equipment Edit

  • Super Suit
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