The Red lantern corps are a team of superheros that have Red power rings.They protect the galaxy from evil.They fight evil.The leader of there team is a guy named Zach Nickson.He has blond hair and brown eyes.He has been a Red lantern for 3 years.He started at the age of 19.The leaders assistant is a man named Jora.Jora is Arabian.He has great power.The third member of the team is an alien named Xachuua.Xachuua has three eyes and hair that is tentacles.The tentacles are purple.His skin is gray.His eyes are yellow.The fourth member of the Red Lantern Corps is an alien kid named Raya.Raya has pointy ears and blue skin.He also has green hair.The 5th member of the Red lantern corps is a woman named Claire.Claire has black hair and green eyes.She is Zach Nickson's girlfriend.The 6th member is Rayas brother Vink.Vink looks like Raya only he has spiky purple hair.Zach Nickson is often known as the Red lantern.Claire is often known as the Red lanterness.Vink is the last member of the team.

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