Reaper is an old computer virus and leader of the Virus corps.


Reaper's basic appearance is that of a mechanical skeleton wielding a scythe and wearing a black robe. Reaper was created in the 70's to combat another virus called Creeper who had been destroying computers worldwide. Luckily for the old Reaper won and then deleted himself. Now years later however Creeper returned and began reeking havoc once again, along with some newer computer viruses. In an effort to combat the viruses scientists managed to bring Reaper back and made him the leader of the Virus corps. He then led them in countless times to defeat the viruses each time taking down more and more of them. In an effort to stop this Creeper then joined up with the other viruses and made his own team, the Creeper corps. Reaper and the Virus corps still battle them. Reaper cannot accesses what he calls the "Real world", but he can move between mobile phones and computers at amazing speeds that put the Flash to shame. He has developed a virtualization machine that allows other superheroes to help him combat his foes, although it doesn't work both ways as Reaper cannot use it to enter the world. He is very dangerous in combat as his scythe instantly deletes viruses, sending them to the deletion bin, basically the equivalent of a jail before they are permanently deleted for good. He is very solitary, very rarely socializing with others and prefers to study the world using the internet. He despises Cookies because of the fact they can easily be used to transport viruses without detection.

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