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Mari Jiwe McCabe
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  • She-Fox
  • Marilyn McCabe












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Powers and Abilities


The Red Conduit: Allows her to tap into the Morphogenetic Field of Earth which is also called The Red. Allowing her, among other abilities, to tap into the the abilities of animals on the planet earth.

  • Animal Mimicry: the power to mimic the abilities of any animal she knows of, the ability apparently gives her intuitive understanding of the animals and what abilities they have that may be useful in the situation. She can switch between the abilities with ease in a split second.
  • telepathic and physical abilities of Gorilla Grodd
  • flight of a hawk
  • swimming ability of a dolphin
  • speed of a cheetah
  • agility of a snow Leopard
  • wall-crawling of a spider
  • jumps of a cricket
  • constriction of an anaconda
  • strength of a bull elephant
  • sensitive trichromatic color vision of a salamander
  • senses of a wolf
  • agility of a monkey
  • debilitating shock/electrical absorption of an electric eel
  • spit venom like a cobra
  • danger sense of seagulls and terns
  • smell sense of a doberman
  • protective hide of a rhino
  • digging powers of a mole
  • jumping ability of a frog
  • reflexes of a mantis shrimp
  • agility of a gazelle
  • reflexes of an odontomachus ant
  • speed of a peregrine falcon: able to reach 180km/h.
  • body armor of an abalone
  • nocturnal vision of a cat
  • kick of a horse
  • rage of a lion
  • eyesight of an eagle
  • stubbornness of a mule
  • the healing abilities of earthworms and snakes
  • the heat tolerance of a Pompeii worm
  • Enhanced Claws: Vixen's claws are particularly sharp and tough, enabling her to rend through a variety of substances, such as fabric, wood, even soft metals and cinder block with ease. Her claws are magically enhanced and have drawn blood from individuals who are consider highly durable like Geo-Force and Superman.
  • Animal Metamorph: Occasionally, she has been known to physically transform into animals - for example: she has shape-shifted into animals, such as a wolf, a great horned owl, and a cougar.
  • Enhanced Healing: The totem even allows her to heal bruise and wounds within seconds by simply touching it.
  • Morphogenetic Field Energy Manipulation: While the full extent of Vixen’s control over the Morphogenetic field is unknown, she has on occasions drawn pure energy from it and displayed this energy as a force field and energy claws. While in cooperation with Animal Man and the woman known as Tristess, she creates an entire universe.


  • Indomitable Will : Mari has fought Amazo, Despero and countless other Justice League villains over her heroic career. Despite her experience when she was trapped underwater inside of a collapsed building she still summoned the inner strength necessary to free herself and Red Arrow
  • Professional Model

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Animal Behavior: One apparent drawback of Vixen's powers is that she is not always able to control the inputs from the Morphogenetic field. Sometimes, she has absorbed unwanted animal behavior, such as instinctive rage. Meaning the longer she stays in contact with the Morphogenetic field, the less human and more animal she seems to become.

It is unknown what would happen if Vixen tried to use her magical abilities on an alien animal, or if she would gain access to the Morphogenetic field of another planet.


Equipment: Tantu Totem: Vixen wields an object called the Tantu Totem, a fox-shaped talisman, which enables her to tap into the "morphogenetic field" of the Earth, sometimes known as the Red. This allows her to mimic the abilities of any animal she can think of, by simply focusing on a specific animal abilities and then drawing it directly from the field. She has demonstrated the ability to hold onto the Morphogenetic traits of an entire forest of animals. The Totem isn't the source of her powers but rather helps her channel the power.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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