Madame Screech (Formally Elizabeth Antoine) is a ressurected practioner of Dark Arts who hails from eastern Europe. She is the foil character to the heroes' Wolfbane. As her name implies, Screech's main attack is her sonic cry capability. By using her dark magic abilities Madam Screech can also use telekinetic abilities. Her ultimate goal is to regain her former body to retake the world.


Life in the Dark AgesEdit

Madame Screech was a doctor's assistant during the dark ages in Europe. As disease ran rampant through the streets, Elizabeth and Dr. Frey had much business. Elizabeth had a strong attraction to the doctor, and it wasn't long before the two had an affair. Elizabeth and Dr. Frey became passionate lovers. However, when the doctor failed to treat a patient suffering from the Black Plaque, the victim's sores infected Frey with the disease. A few weeks later he died. Elizabeth was disraught and went into hiding from Frey's family. It was in this time that she began studying dark arts.

As magic and religion was still a large part of medical practice, Elizabeth had heard of spells that could bring people back from the dead. Elizabeth was met by a strange women in tattered robes. She handed Elizabeth a book of spells promising it would return Frey to Elizabeth. She readily agreed, but this came at a cost. Elizabeth's body became inhibited by a second entity. The dark forces drove Elizabeth mad and corrupted her sole. Her sanity fading, Elizabeth performed a spell that would grant her immortality and save her. This spell too came at a price. The spell would cause Elizabeth to be a slave to her emotions. It also foretold that despite being ageless, she could still be killed. Elizabeth took most interest in sound abilities. Her voice was always beautiful to Dr. Frey, and it inspired her to take up dark vocal abilities. Due to it's critical state, Elizabeth found it quite simple to throw over monarchy in a European Kingdom known as Thorpia. Using her magical influence, Elizabeth willed the way of the people. They followed her without question. However, as foretold Elizabeth's emotions were her downfall. Her greed and lust for control of the entire world (after conquering large portions of Europe) led to her downfall. She was killed by a band of resistance heroes.


Centuries later, a cult in the shadow's of Metropolis prided themselves on their monarchial and tyrannical beliefs. They worshipped dark beings, and favored the Dark Ages. Their ignorance caused them to believe that Elizabeth caused the Dark Ages. Using their own forms of dark magic, the ressurected Elizabeth. The spell was a rather weak incarnate of the more powerful spell. Elizabeth was brought back, but at the cost of many of her abilities and at the cost of her summoner's lives.







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