The planet Krypton was born approximately six-billion years ago (by Kryptonian dating standards), as a result of a gaseous mass eschewed by the giant red sun,Rao. It wasn't until approximately ten-thousand years ago however, that human societies began to emerge, giving birth to a race of

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The planet Krypton was born approximately six-billion years ago (by Kryptonian dating standards), as a result of a gaseous mass eschewed by the giant red sun,Rao. It wasn't until approximately ten-thousand years ago however, that human societies began to emerge, giving birth to a race of intellectual supermen.

Many thousands of years ago, Krypton became the target of a conquering race of aliens known as the Vrangs. Kryptonian astronomer Sul-El, ancestor of Earth's champion, Superman, was the first to take notice of their presence when Rao's rays reflected off their fleet ships. Sul-El voiced his concerns to Usk-Mar, the governor of Kandor, but Usk-Mar regarded Sul-El's claims as little more than prankish rambling. Sul-El became a laughingstock in Kandor. Because of Usk-Mar's recalcitrance, the Vrangs found the Kryptonians easy pray. They quickly conquered the continent of Lurvan and enslaved hundreds of Kryptonians, putting them to work mining the Jewel Mountains. Sul-El and his young son, Hatu-El spent many years in the mountains. When Hatu-El was an adult, he witnessed his fellow slave Val-Or heroically defy the Vrangs. Though he paid for such effrontery with his life, Val-Or's noble sacrifice inspired Hatu-El and others like him to rise up and rebel against the Vrangs. The key towards winning their freedom rested on Hatu-El's ability to harness electricity to power their weapons. As the Vrangs did not have any equitable resources at their disposal, the Kryptonians quickly turned the tied against them, forcing their alien masters to flee Krypton never to return.

The Last War

In the Kryptonian year 9846, military commanders from the city-state of Erkol launched an attack against the capital city of Kandor. The Kandorian Science Council met with General-in-Chief Pir-El and instructed him to launch an emergency retaliatory strike against those Urrika nations allied with Erkol. Pir-El deployed four Disintegrator spheres and launched them towards separate Urrika cities, including Erkol.

The Erkol commanders responded by activating their ultimate weapon – a robotic sun-craft that generated intense waves of red solar radiation. The solar ship first struck the city of Kryptonopolis completely devastating it. Subsequently, Erkol's warlords issued forth an ultimatum - that unless Kandor surrendered unconditionally to them, they would use the solar ship to destroy the capital city. The Kandorian Science Council grew even more nervous and implored Pir-El to embark upon an emergency plan.

Returning to his command center at Fort Rozz, Pir-El consulted with a team of scientists who labored night and day to design a device to counter the solar ship. A few days later, scientist Jes-Mo provided Pir-El with a special missile, which they hoped could repel future attacks. Pir-El launched the weapon towards Erkol, specifically targeting their solar ships. The missile released a black chemical cloud, which blocked sunlight from entering the city. The solar ships, unable to function without constant energizing from the sun, Rao, began to fall out of the sky.

The dark cloud left behind by the missile descended on Erkol. It contained a chemical agent, which altered the personalities of those caught within its sphere of influence. Everyone affected by the chemical cloud adopted a passive demeanor and elected to make peace with the city of Kandor. The Last War came to a close and the ruling council of Kandor honored Pir-El as a great military hero.

In the years following the Last War, the Moliom councilors of Kandor strengthened their planetary federation and drafted a new constitution. Kryptonopolis was rebuilt and became the official capital city of Krypton.

The theft of Kandor

At some point in time, an alien pirate known as Brainiac came to Krypton and used his Hyper-Ray to shrink the city of Kandor and all of its seven million inhabitants. He enclosed the city in a bottle and placed it within a private museum on his space-craft. As such, Kandor survived the ultimate destruction of Krypton many years later. The Kandorians continued to exist inside the city, and even manufactured an artificial red sun, which provided them with the means to thrive. Years after Krypton’s destruction, Brainiac discovered the allegedly "last-surviving" Kryptonian, Kal-El, living on Earth. Kal-El (better known as Superman) fought with Brainiac and discovered the shrunken city. He did not possess the means to restore the Kandorians to their proper size, so he brought the bottled city back to his Fortress of Solitude for safe-keeping.

The Cataclysm

Over the course of thousands of years, Krypton’a uranium core grew more and more unstable. As revealed by Kryptonian scientist Jor-El, the planetary core had been setting up a repetitive cycle of "chain-impulses", increasing in pressure exponentially, making Krypton's core dangerously unstable. Jor-El personally undertook a geological survey to confirm his suspicions. He presented his data to the Kryptonian Science Council, warning them that within a short period of time, Krypton would explode like an atomic bomb. For reasons that were never made clear, the members of the science council felt that Jor-El was acting irrationally, and chose to ignore his warnings. Jor-El would not be quieted however, and he began working on designs for a fleet of ships that would affect a massive exodus from Krypton. Time grew short however, and Jor-El knew that he could never mass produce a fleet in time to save the people of his world. Instead, he used a prototype rocket and placed his infant son Kal-El inside of it. Jor-El set the coordinates of the rocket for the planet Earth. He had known of Earth for many years, and believed that it would be an ideal world for his son to be raised. With only hours left to him, Jor-El and his wife Lara Lor-Van bid goodbye to baby Kal-El and launched him away from Krypton.

This geological instability of Krypton did not go unnoticed by other denizens of the universe. The Guardians of the Universe observed this phenomena and assigned an officer of the Green Lantern Corps, Tomar-Re to aid the Kryptonians. Tomar-Re sought to use a rare compound called Stellarium to absorb some of the tectonic pressure, thus saving the Kryptonians. He gathered the compound, and was en route to Krypton when a yellow solar flare blinded him, and forced him to drop the stellarium. He quickly recovered, but discovered he was blind. He gathered what little stellarium he could without his sight, and proceeded towards Krypton. He was closing in when his vision started to clear. He was too late however. The atomic pressure became too grew and Krypton exploded.

Points of Interest

Land masses

Also known as the Isle of Thieves, this was the birthplace of the psychic criminals Az-Rel and Nadira.
This was a natural geological formation found on the planet, Krypton – so named because of the water’s bright, flaming brilliance.
Fort Rozz
This was a military command center located in the city of Kandor on the planet, Krypton. General Pir-El operated from this fort during the waning days of the Last War.
Plain of Wanan
This desolate region existed outside the city of Kandor on the Pre-Crisis version of the planet, Krypton. In Kryptonian year 9852, a contest was held on the plains to arbitrate on the nature of Krypton's system of government.


  • Bokos
  • Chagur
  • Dunol
  • Mount Mundru
  • Mul
  • Thon
  • Twenx
  • Uvlot
  • Vathlo
  • Yord
  • Zith
  • Zoin

Bodies of water

  • Boiling Sea
  • Cogo Sea
  • Dandahu Ocean
  • Eiau Sea
  • Gorv Ocean
  • Morstil Ocean
  • Red Ocean
  • Sea of Banzit
  • Striped River


Weghthor was Krypton's principal moon and the site of the first Kryptonian lunar colony. The moon was accidentally destroyed when Kryptonian scientist Jax-Ur tested a nuclear missile designed to destroy a meteor. As a result, Jax-Ur was the first Kryptonian imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.


Metal-Eating Mole
This was a yellow-furred creature native to the planet, Krypton. As its name implies, this animal's jaws were capable of rending solid steel.

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