Justice League Heroes

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Justice League Heroes
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The JLH Watchtower

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Martian Manhunter


Darkseid, Doomsday, Chaotic League Villains, Joker X, Brainiac 75, Brainiac 100, Lex Luthor, HT


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During the later days the Superman and most of the other JLA members had childern. The childern were given superpowers like their parents. Years passed and the heroes started to show great skill in their powers. Soon their parents were offere to rejoin a new group of Justice League. They decided to join, only, because they wanted to show them what it mean't to be part of the Justice League. As soon as all the childern and the heroes arrived Martain Manhunter appeared with his daugther and told the heroes the truth. They were needed to go out into another universe and fight in a war. Knowing it was the only way they agreed and left their childern with Martian Manhunter. He later took them to the JLA Watch Tower and told them what was going on, and that it ould be best if they became a new team of Justice League. He gave them their communicators and labeled them the Justice League Heroes.

JLH vs Shield Avengers

Out in the far reaches in the universe two cosmic beings live in peace and harmony. Until out of nowhere aother cosmic power makes an opening in the two cosmic being leading them to two different worlds. One to the Earth-01A and another lead to the Earth-52295. And two other very powerful cosmic being appear out of each one, the Grandmaster and Metron. Grandmaster warns Metron of a war that would change the fate of their world. Metron asks if he has an idea, and Grandmaster says yes. Later in Earth-52295, The Shield Avengers are seen finishing up a fight against Hydra agents. The Grandmaster freezes time to where they are the only ons moving. Grandmaster opens a portal and tells them to get in, and as they travel through the portal they also pick up a few of the New Defenders, Gold Guardian and Marine. He tell the group that they are going to a new universe were thing may look the same but is not what it seem to be. He says to them that a war is coming and that the heroes from that universe need their help. Back in Earth-01A the JLH find te help of Navy Beetle useful after Martain Huntress and Supergirl II left for another mission. Suddenly Suprememan picks up a cosmic energy coming from the middle of Metropolis. The team sattles up and head towards the portal. As the portal opens up and the heroes fall out the portal makes an explosion, making it look as if they did the damage. Suddenly the police arriive telling them to freeze. Captain Avenger tries to explain but they tell them to freeze. Suddenly Howl has enough of this and starts to attack his way through. Captain Avenger tells him to stop right before the JLH arrives. Think of them as criminals the JLH and the Avengers attack. Captain Avenger vs Suprememan, Ghostdevil vs Donna Troy Beyond, Howl vs Batman II, Velocity vs Speedway, Gold Guardain vs Emerald Hawk, Spider-Web vs Navy Beetle and Marine vs Neptune. Soon Grandmaster and Metron stopped the fight and told them all what was going on. Finally knowing what was going on the JLH apologized to the Avengers, and they were informed to stay with JLH until the threat comes to any further notices.


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