JLH: The Animated Series or Justice League Heroes: the Animated series is a spinoff show takes place in the Bruce Timm animated Universe. The Show is the successor to Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Static Shock. It takes place thirty-five years after the Series final episode. It is based on the Justice League's children as they take up their parents' mantle and becoming the new Justice League.

JLH: The Animated Series Cast


Voice Actor


George Newbern


Will Friedle

Donna Troy Beyond

Jennifer Hale

J’ane J’onzz

Juliet Landau

Supergirl II

Tara Strong

Green Canary

Grey DeLisle


Phil LarMarr

Navy Beetle

Jason Marsden

Emerald Hawk

Cree Summer


Micheal Rosenbaum

Green Lantern

Peter Onorati


Loren Lester

Violet Huntress

Julie Bowen

Blue Robin

Mathew Valencia

Brainiac 50

Nicholle Tom

Brainiac 25

Lauren Tom


Christy Carlson Romano

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