|Title = Ivy |CurrentAlias = Ivy |RealName = Lillian Isley |Image = F849ecef25c58212.jpg |Aliases = Rose Thorn |Identity = Public |AlienRace = Plant/Human hybrid |Alignment = Villain |Affiliation = Gotham's Rouges |Relatives = Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy ("mother"/creator) Harleen Quinzel ("aunt")Harlene Napier/Harlequin (best friend/partner in crime) |BaseOfOperations = unknown |Gender = Female |Height = 5'3" |Weight = 119 lbs |Eyes = green |Hair = red |Citizenship = American |MaritalStatus = single |Occupation = villain/Botanist |PlaceOfBirth = New Gotham

|HistoryText =
Harleyz Gang Ivy by Ultramanzeta

Ivy in JLH: The Animated Series

Even though Pamela Isley was incapable of having children she longed for a family after she reformed as Poison Ivy. Being an expert on Biology & Plant life she was able to create a Plant/Human hybrid using her own DNA combined with the DNA of various plants. As Ivy's mother mutating further in a plant creature,Ivy goes to live with her godmother Harley Quinn and joins the gang. She also form a friendship and partnership with Harley's daughter. Later on, Pamela created another daughter using her DNA and that of a wild rose named Lilyrosewho later became a villain known as the [[Black Rose]. |Powers = She is a meta-human with the ability to manipulate plant life, she can secrete various floral toxins to injure or intoxicate. she also has a Semi-mystical connection to the plant world through a force called the Green

|Weapons = She uses Plants and Florae as weapons


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