Hyde is a member of The rejects


Kaseem Werra was born in Afghanistan to a small family that was mostly wiped out by the various wars. However when the Taliban cae to power Kaseem tried to oppose them. This short lived battle ended with him being arrested for treason and snt to jail. However at some point he was sold to Pena Duro as one of the of he Venom test subjects. However when the Venom was pumped into his body he started having seizures and began to mutate into a large reptillian creature with a forked tongue, a tail, jagged teeth, spikes along his back and he became 9 ft. tall and gained immense strength. However the effects were temporary and Kaseem soon returned to his normal form. Enraged the scientists dumped him into the shark infested waters surrounding the prison. But before they could Kaseem managed to steal a large vial of Venom and a gauntlet that would inject it into his body. After managing to sneak aboard a boat bond for mainland he studied the chemicals that made up he Venom and managed to make an almost Venom substitute that would transform him into the lizard beast. He decided to use hi powers for good and returned to Afghanistan to try to defeat the Taliban. However the Taliban had since been defeated and Kaseem had wasted his journey. He decided he would go to America and join a team he heard about in prison called the Justice League of America. He was accepted and joined the team for a brief period before he was kicked out because he tore a bank robbers arms off due to the limited control he had in the lizard form. Enraged he wandered around for a few weeks before he was found and recruited by a team known as The rejects. The team gave him the alias of Hyde (after Mr. Hyde, the antagonist of the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and he felt like he belonged in the group, quickly becoming friends with most of the members.

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