Heroine Prime. Vol 1: (2009) (published by TrekkieGal Comics)

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Heroine Prime. (Volume 1)



Candice Greene

Heroine Prime occurs in our time on planet Earth (Prime). It's history is our own history but minus the fact there are no male Superheroes. Considering the world is exact to that point with differences. Such as, no Metropolis, and Gotham City. Yet Superwoman, as well as Batwoman exist. Males on Earth (Prime), tend to dominate society, and are mostly the cause of anarchy, and chaos on the planet. Diana Primus (Wonder Woman), Kara Zor-El (Superwoman), and Jade (Green Latern) end up in this alternate universe after battling Mudala, and Lex Luthor on the planet Paseth when an indimensional rift was created by Mudala. All that is know about the three new heroine is skewed from their known history, and certain characters roles are either changed, or somewhat different then what was known.


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