Heroes of Today

Official Name
Heroes of Today
Team Aliases
Sidekicks of Yesterday


Team Identity


Base Of Operations
HT Tower

Team Leader(s)
White Martain Manhunter

Current Members
Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Flash, Wonder Woman, Yellow Guardian

JLH, Brainiac, Darkseid, Joker X

Feeling they have been betrayed the sidekicks of some of the most famous heroes take on the mental of their mentors. They later form an alliance with Lex Luthor who gives them extra team matesto become stronger.

Place of Formation
Gotham City


First appearance

Sidekicks of Yesterday, Heroes of Today #1


The JLH are seen on TV for their heroics and saving the world from total chaos. Conner Kent and Tim Drake watch the tv and drink the beer in jealousy of the heroes. Conner says to Tim, "That should have been us. We were their sidekicks, we deserve the mantle." "I know man." Tim respones. "But what can we do? We can't just go out in our mentors tights." Conner turns to him and says, "Or can we?" Tim and Roy start talk about what they're going to do. They call in Grath, Bart Allen, Roy Harper, and Cassie Sandsmark. They all gather to Gotham City at the Secret JLA hideout. Conner steps up and says, "I don't know about you, but I wanted to become the next Superman. We were the sidekicks, we earned our stripes, but we still aren't the next Superman, or Batman, or anything. And I think it's time for us to show the JLH why we should have been the heroes our mentors were." With everyone in agreement they gained their mentors suits and became the Heroes of Today. Superboy as Superman, Robin as Batman, Speedy as Green Arrow, Aqualad as Aquaman, Impulse as Flash, and Wonder Girl as Wonder Woman.

Public Attention

Doomsday arrives into town and starts breaking buildings and hurting harmless citizens. Soon the JLH arrives and is soon defeated by Doomsday, and before they could actually be destroyed the Heroes of Today show and defeat Doomsday easy. They started to become honored and praised after a few more heroic deeds Conner started to get upset about not being able to do something about the JLH. They were later brought upon Lex Luthor, who made them a deal with the heroes. If they agreed to give him technology for some robots and his belt he's building he would sponser them, give them five new team mates, and help them get JLH out of the picture. They agreed to the offer and he sponsered their team and gave them Amon Sur/Yellow Guardian and himself. Lex soon took the techonolgy and made the belt he needed. With all the dna he had of White Martains he made himself the White Martain Manhunter, giving him the powers of a White Martain. Lex told them the plan for the robots, and soon sent his robot duplicates of the JLH out to fight the HT, catching everything on video. The next day the HT showed the fixed video of the fight to the public telling them that the heroes they onced loved and respected are now evil criminals, and that if they ever try to show there face again they'll be ready.


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