Real Name
Justin Munition
Current Alias






Base Of Operations
The Pit





Unusual Features
small scars




Place of Birth
New England

First appearance



Zero Hour A large meteor breaks up in Earth's orbit as planned, the people at NASA breath a heavy sigh of relief. The pieces rain down in several counties in Northern America. One large piece lands outside of a school while smaller pieces rain over a neighboring county. The government collects samples and activates a quarantine procedure when a bacteria is found inside.

Evolution The bacteria infects living hosts, mostly humans, and causes mutations. The intelligent bacteria seems to exist permanently in its host and in order to continue its survival it needed to spread into other hosts through natural reproduction. In order to ensure its hosts survivor and advantage over others of its species, it mutated its host to better suit its needs and win in the process of natural selection. This process resulted in humans infected developing super powers.

The Elk Creek Incident At the school in which the main concentration of the bacteria went to, almost all of the students had turned criminal and homicidal in nature. A program was started by the military that created a specially trained and highly adapted soldier to hunt down all of the hostile mutants. One of the students helped apprehend his fellow students and became a hero in the eyes of the local population, but the student also fell victim to the over concentration of the bacteria and all those involved with the incident were killed before one year had passed since Zero Hour. The soldier being the most responsible for the lives lost before losing their life to the last student to turn hostile. The student was later killed by a vigilante.

Bad Moon Several miles from the Elk Creek school, during the Zero Hour event, Justin Munition was taking out the trash when a small chunk hit the dumpster. Dog hair on his clothing from a pet was fused to his body and seemed to have assisted with his developing mutation. Unlike the Elf Creek Incident, the other infected in the region did not have a one hundred percent hostility rate. Only eighty percent became hostile and it was believed to be from lesser exposure to the alien bacteria. Justin Munition however, developed a split personality and lycanthropic like symptoms. His alter ego became only dominant after the subject had fallen asleep. Both coexisted during all awaken hours, but only the alter ego consisted of any abilities such as increased strength, endurance, health, and senses; along with a monstrous appearance when in control of the hosts body. The alter ego took control of the host on many occasions while killing many people and consuming both animal and human flesh.

The Agreement After being captured and held by the government, the host and the alter ego had time to better communicate and plan their coexistence. They worked together to escape the government holding, but remained pursued. To make up for the lives taken, Justin demanded to take up the role of a hero. The alter ego cared little, but offered its abilities to ensure its survival. Hellbound became an image of justice in his area along a skilled vigilante known as Raptor and a stereotypical superhero who called himself The Beacon.

The Rise Hellbound defeated many villains including a technologically advanced adversary with a teleportation device. He took many of the devices from defeated foes and the human side of Hellbound used them instead of having to rely on the alter ego. Meanwhile, the trio continued to clear the area of crime and corruption.

...and the Fall Raptor became distant and slowly lost their morality from hunting down criminal after criminal. A wealthy individual captured Raptor and paid them off to hunt down and kill people who were the enemies of the individual. Hellbound found out about Raptor's corruption and confronted them. The ensuing battle resulted in the accidental death of Raptor. Hellbound removed Raptor's vulture like costume revealing the owner to be a woman. Hellbound took up her role as Raptor and brought respect back to his fallen friend. After bringing justice to the ones who had ruined Raptor's image, a new group of heroes and villains seemed to appear over the coarse of a few months. They all came from different origins, but after the Beacon discovered Hellbound had killed Raptor and taken her place, they were all after him.

The Hunted Hellbound remains on the run from many heroes and villains as he travels the world while trying to make up for his past; eventually earning the trust of many groups.

Powers and Abilities


Mutation Short bursts of increased strength, senses, and even mental abilities


Adaptation Learns from enemies and allies he has come across and usually advances technologically to improve his effectiveness


Shadow Tech; allows him to teleport, phase through objects, and even fly.
Wrist rockets; vary in type but are usually small non-lethal explosives fired from the back of his arm.
Satellite Gun; large satellite based weapon capable of eliminating the more powerful enemies from orbit.
Howlers; robotic k9 like drones that can assist in fighting evil.

Strength level

Varies due to ability to mutate or use of technology


Radiation and loud noises


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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