Green Lantern is the title to a forthcoming movie about a character of the same name.


  • Sam Worthington as Hal Jordan: A pilot who is brought to the body of the dying Green Lantern Abin Sur. Abin gives his ring to Hal, since the ring senses that he is the perfect person to inherit it because of his honesty and fearlessness.
  • Christopher Eccleston as Sinestro: The Green Lantern charged with training Hal. During the training the two become close friends.
  • Common as as John Stewart: A hard as nails Green Lantern who is cold and ignorant after several of his friends were killed by the Black Circle Crime Syndicate.
  • Adam Baldwin as Guy Gardener: A hotheaded tough guy Green Lantern who is short tempered.
  • Patrick Stuart as Abin Sur: A Green Lantern who was killed by his son Amon for abandoning him to become a Green Lantern. Abin's ship crash landed on Earth where he gave his ring to Hal Jordan before he died.
  • Phil Morris as Amon Sur: The son of Abin Sur who was vengeful towards his father for abandoning him to become a Green Lantern. He plans on uncovering one of the Green Lantern Corp.'s most heavily guarded secrets which turns out to be the alien machine Legion.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog
  • Steve Carell as G'nort
  • Jack Black as Galius Zed
  • Neal McDonough as Alan Scott
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