Gotham is the title to a TV series that stars a young Bruce Wayne preparing to become Batman.


Bruce WayneEdit

Biography: On a fateful night Bruce Wayne and his parents went to the theatre. While leaving Thomas and Martha Wayne are gunned down by Joe Chill. Bruce survives and in his sorrow vows to fight crime and avenge his parents' murders. He begins his training to become the Dark Knight.

Alfred PennyworthEdit

Biography: Bruce's butler and father figure after his parents are murdered. Alfred doesn't like Bruce's plan, but helps his master in any way possible.

Harvey DentEdit

Biography: Harvey Dent is one of Bruce's best friends. He tries to keep a light demeanor and get Bruce to have more fun in life.Unknown to Bruce, Harvey is abused by his father who also abuses Harvey's mother. Harvey along with Bruce and their other friend Ethan Bennett wants to help fight crime and corruption in Gotham. Harvey attends law school and plans to become the district attorney of Gotham City.

Ethan BennettEdit

Biography: Another friend that attends high school with Bruce. He lives with his mother who runs a corner grocery store. He plans on becoming a member of the Gotham PD.

Vicki ValeEdit

Biography: A classmate of Bruce who is a reporter for the school newspaper. She constantly gets into trouble during investigations.

Roman SionisEdit

Biography: The son of the head of Janus Cosmetics. Roman was raised by ignorant parents who cared more about social status then him. They pretended to be friends with Thomas and Martha Wayne, and forced Roman to be friends with Bruce, though Roman did actually become friends with Bruce.

Selina KyleEdit

Biography: A socialite girl who Bruce meets at a party held by Harvey. They develop crushes on each other.

Jim GordonEdit

Biography: One of the only good cops in Gotham.

Harvey BullockEdit

Biography: A rookie in the Gotham PD.

Thomas ElliotEdit

Biography: Old friends with Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Ethan Bennett, and Roman Sionis. He goes to medical school to become a doctor.

Victor FriesEdit

Biography: Bruce's biology teacher, and part time scientist for Goth Corp.

Jack NapierEdit

Biography: A member of Waylon Jones' gang. He tried to be a comedian but failed at that and was forced to become a criminal. Jack has a sadistic sense of humor and feels great pleasure in killing.

Carmine FalconeEdit

Biography: He is Gotham's greatest crime lord, and is called The Roman.

Sal MaroniEdit

Biography: A younger gangster who is called The Boss. He is at war with the mob boss Carmine Falcone for control of the city.

Waylon JonesEdit

Biography: The head of a street gang that terrorizes lower Gotham.

Season OverviewsEdit

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