Darkmind is the current leader of The rejects and former Xenomorph drone.


Darkmind like most, if not all Xenomorphs was created when a Facehugger implanted a Chestburster embryo inside a living host in this case it was a Martian. His apperance was like that of most Earth Xenomorphs except for his green skin, pointed head, red eyes and a more upright stance. His species arrived on Mars when an asteroid crash landed there with a Xenomorph queen who had clung to it. After setting up a hive outside of a city she began to slowly kidnap small groups of Martians for hosts and food. While most Xenomartians became as aggresive as the rest of their kind, Darkmind however was one of the rare genetic defects, his intelligence grew beyond that of a normal Xenomorph and he developed a consciene, although now and then his savage Xenomorph traits would appear. Disgusted at his violent bretheren he shut down the minds of all within the hive, including the queen and unborn chestbursters. He tried to make his way into Martian civilizations but was driven out of every city he found. Distraught he left Mars and made his way to Earth by sneaking aboard a Russian spacecraft, eating the captain and shapeshifting into his form. After arriving on Earth he learned ofthe various supeheroes tat once inhabited the Earth. Wanting to meet and join them he developed a time machine. After arriving in the past he attempted to join the justice league of America. Unfortunatley most of the members were mistrusting of him due to various encounters with Xenomorphs. Angered he left and decided that he would start up his own team that would not deny members for unjst reasons. And thus The rejects were born. His alter ego is as a Russian bussinesman named Sergei Grishenko.

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