Editing Policies

Only serious articles

No funny articles this is meant to be a very serious. If you make a joke article it will be deleted without question. So please keep it serious.


If you don't have at least 30 words in the article it will be deleted if it dosen't have an improvement template. Even if you have an infobox.


The max is 7000 words if you aren't finish make a [[Article/Part 2]] it will relieve lag.

No advertising

Do not ever advertise on an article or else deletion.

No spamming

Don't put on articles like: So and so is reallyX30 cool. Or messing up other's articles.

No editing others articles

Either you get permission or it has a free-edit template you may edit it. If you do edit one we will restore it to last save.

Image Policies


Keep all pictures PG-13. No porn or nudity.

Talk and forum policies

No Spam

Like up on top, no spam.

Keep on topic

Keep on topic don't start talking about "Superman" when the topic says "Wonder Women."

User policies

No sock puppets

Don't make another user that you control.


We not allow clans that are there just so people join, but Role-playing Clans are allowed.


Keep it clean

Keep all content PG-13 or lower.

No copyrighting

Don't use copyrighted work. or else deletion and banning.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.