Cyberhog is the archnemisis of Binky the superrabbit.He was also his first enemy.He all started off living by a farm.One of the farmers wanted to make him meat.But then the warthog rammed the farmer.The farmer was badly injured cause of the tusks so he died.And then the next week a guy who was friends with the farmer blew the Warthog up with a bazooka.They didn't want to eat the Warthog then cause it was stinky and dirty.Then at night an evil mad scientist found the Warthog.He enhanced the Warthog by making him half robot.He called him Cyberhog.He became a pet and a minion for the evil mad scientist.He did many things for him.He ordered Cyberhog to kill Binky the superrabbit.So Binky and Cyberhog fought.Hours passed in their battle and Binky was covered in dirt and his cape was torn up.Binky saw through Cyberhogs cybernetic parts.He saw he was very torn up and bloody under the parts.Binky felt sorry for Cyberhog.Binky defeated Cyberhog with his powers.

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