The Creeper corps are a band of Viruses who teamed up in order to combat Reaper and the Virus corps.


The Creeper corps were created by Creeper because after being brought back to life and destroying the internet as well as computers he noticed that Reaper, his old enemy had come back as well. After secretly watching him take out the lesser viruses with the help of the Virus corps Creeper decided that he himself needed backup if he was to destroy Reaper. He set out, searching the internet and recruited several newer viruses to help him. Time after time he set out to destroy Reaper only to be foiled by him and the Virus corps. He realised that it was because of the lack of team-work but then remarked "Meh, we may be on the same team but that doesn't mean that I have to like you...or work alongside you...or tolerate you...or allow you to live... or to-" and it pretty much goes on like that for a while. Most of the team was destroyed by the Lamer Exterminator when he decided that he was the worlds most superior virus and wanted all the other viruses out of the way so that he alone could kill Reaper and destroy the internet. Interestingly enough even after they were shown to be destroyed some members kept appearing the the background, likley due to errors on the artists part.


Additionally they were shown to have footsoldiers that resembled insects wearing red versions of the standard Virus corps armour.