Brainiac MK-01
BrainIAC MK-01
Brainiac in his primary Humanoid form
Vital statistics
Human name Milton Fine
Birthdate December 10, 20,080 BC.
Date Of Death
Gender Male
Series/Type/Class: Brainiac-00I (Command Central Planetary Control System)
Hair Color none
Eye Color Red
Height 6ft., 9in.
Weight 982 lbs (compressed internal mass)
Creator/Chief Designer(s): {{{creator}}}
Current Status: Alive/Active
Homeworld/Universe: Earth-01A
Main Power Systems/Functions
Primary Power Systems: {{{power}}}
2ndary Power Systems: {{{2ndpow}}}
Systems Configuration: {{{systconfig}}}
Intelligence Level: 25th Level mind
Primary Systems Functions: Command Kryptonian Central Libary Database/Interplanetary Destroyer
Personal Weapons Systems
Ultrs-Force Powers: Ultra-Force Blasts

Concusive Blast Field

Weapons (Basic)
Heavy Weapons
Personal Defensive Systems
Basic Defense Systems: {{{shield basic}}}
Special Defensive Systems: Ultra-Force Shield
Special Armored Systems: {{{armor}}}

Brain-InterActive Construct Mark-01 or simply Brainiac for short was the central Kryptonian Information dstabase and planetary defense and interinvironmental control system over the entire planet of Krypton and it inhabitants before the 4th Golden Age of the planet and enevitably its demise. Now only a wanderer through the cosmos, Brainiac has become a collector of various races and gatherer of all possible knowledge in the entire universe. Destroyer of every planet he comes across after he collects all of its known data and simply moving on to the next.

System/Series History Edit

Centuries before placed into his current humanoid form the Brain-InterActive Construct was originally created by the Scientific House of El mainly ancient ancestor of current Superman Kal-El Aron Ton-El one of the greatest scientists of Kryptons 1st Golden Age. Brainiac was 1st used as a main city systems and infrastructure control system in Kyrptonopolis one of Kryptons capitol cities.

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