• Rashaw

    Work Here

    July 14, 2017 by Rashaw

    Hello there,

    The only work that is mine and owned will have my name somewhere within the page or photo. However, I do tend to like proof-reading pages. Will never outright change anything, but will pick up on grammar errors or sentence structures that may have been missed. Just to help give a more professional feel.

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  • Furyin4


    December 2, 2015 by Furyin4
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  • Gingeraz8817
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  • OnyxxRaptor

    I seriously need to edit my character Raptor.. I mean i've been writting for him for two years outside of this wiki, but transfering all of his adventures, encounters, and relationships is taking a bit of time.. Plus i dont think the format that i'm using to display it all is the best out there..

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    Hello there, I am ExtremeSSJ4 also known as Ex and well I wanted to let you guys know of this cool website I made a few days ago and I would really appreciate it if you decided to join. The main idea of this wiki is basically to make your own superhero/supervillain and RP with him. Superheroes and Supervillains start in a Safe house for whichever category they're in (Hero or Villain) and train, talk and simply have fun with the characters of other users. Once you got enough stars from RP you will unlock the city and then you can RP there and do really cool stuff. See the link below:


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  • JoePlay

    Over at the Marvel Database, Wikia is giving away a fantastic Comic-Con Exclusive Prize Pack. Enter now!

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  • PhotonCommander10

    I'm going to create a page for my new hero team, League of Powered Heroes. So I was wondering, would anyone like their fan made hero on the teams roster? My new Hero, White Guardian will be the leader of the team. He's a hero who has absorbed the power of the Guardian Emerald to gain it's mighty powers. If you want your hero on the team, just comment the heroes name, leaving a link.

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  • Victor25


    April 18, 2011 by Victor25
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  • KidCanary173

    Elizabeth Queen

    April 3, 2011 by KidCanary173

    | RealName = Elizabeth Abigail Queen | CurrentAlias = Free Bird | Aliases = Abigail De'Loner | Identity = Secret | Affiliation = Teen Titans, Titans, Jason Todd, Superboy Prime | Relatives = Dinah Lance (Mother) Oliver Queen (Father) Roy Harper (Brother) Conner Hawke (Half-Brother) Mia Dearden (Foster Sister) | Universe = New Earth | BaseOfOperations = Gotham City, Smallville

    | Gender = Female | Height = 5ft 2" | Weight = 105 | Eyes = Green | Hair = Blonde | Citizenship = American Vampire | MaritalStatus = Single | Occupation …

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  • ZebOswalt

    Here's  Stefanie Starfire  fan fic No.7 heres all the pages together.

    SS cover

    SS No.7 pg 1. 

    SS No.7 pg 2.

    SS NO.7 pg 3.

    SS No.7 pg 4.

    SS No.7 pg 5.

    SS No. 7 pg 6

    Ss No. 7 pg 7.

    SS No.7 pg 8.

    SS No. 7 pg 9.

    SS No. 7 pg 10.

    SS No. 7 pg 11.

    SS No. 7 pg 12.

    SS No. 7 pg 13.

    SS No.7 pg 14.

    SS No. 7 pg 15. 

    SS No. 7 pg 16.

    SS No. 7 pg 17.

    SS No.7 pg 18.

    SS No. 7 pg 19. 

    SS No. 7 pg 20.

    SS No. 7 pg 21.

    SS No. 7 PG 22.  

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  • ZebOswalt

    Stephanie Starfire

    July 27, 2009 by ZebOswalt

    Stephanie StarfireName: Stephanie StarfireOccupation: Leader of a rebellionAge: 18Height: 5’8Weight: 130ibsAppearance: Attractive half Asian half white woman. Wares green armor. Has short hair.HistoryOn the planet Beriah in a far away star system of Kir-haresheth , a fair-skinned woman was picked to mate with a bronze-skinned male mate to produce a child – Starfire. They were the 2 perfect human specimens The Mygorg named Grath to be the concubine of his recently born son

    SookarothMygorgSookarothDaganLady DjinnSookarothSookarothLady Djinn

    Maker He met the hierarchy of his rebellion. Dave Moon watcher, Thump, Anzus, &

    Captain Karoleen.

    Dagan, Steph & Co went on many missions together. Till one d…

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