Chapter 1 - Coming OutEdit

He was escorted by the watch guard. It took forever for them to get to the tall copper gates. Once they did he stopped and looked up to the 500 foot tall gate. The Watch guard then tapped his gun on Blasterman's back.

"Keep going, unless you want to miss you freedom," he said.

Blasterman moved on. The large gates opened and he slowly walked out. The gates slammed behind him. The guard took his keys and unlocked the handcuffs. Blasterman was free at last. After two years.

"Go now, back to your home," the guard said.

Blasterman flew from his position and left the horrific jail. He soon got back to his home on America Island in America City. He then flew to his old home.

He stopped in the front. His house had a dull color other than it's vibrant yellow. He took off his visor and opened the door. Inside was dustier than ever, along that it was dark and cramped with junk.

Nothing could stop James from saying," Ugh."

"That's exactly what I thought when I came in," said a dark voice from a dark corner.

"Why are you here?" disgustedly said by James.

"James," said Bruce Wayne as he came out from the dark," can't a man say hello to his grandson."

"No, not you," James said," Because of you, my childhood was crap. Because of you, I changed my namesake to Jett. Because of you, we can barely even be near each other."

"James! I don't want this to be!" Bruce said. He then looked down," I want to be your grandfather."

"Get out."

"What? You can't do that to me."

"Get out, now."

"Fine, I'll see you later," Bruce said as he walked out to his Lamborghini.

James slammed the door. With a deep sigh he plopped on the couch. A wave of dust flew upwards. He started coughing and jumped off.

Just then he heard a knock at the door. He went to the front door and answered it. It was Diana Prince.

"Did Batman send you to ambassador for him?" asked James.

"No, I'm on behalf of the Justice League of America," said the woman.

"Come on in."

Chapter 2 - DealingsEdit

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