Binky the superrabbit started off as a normal rabbit on Earth.He was a pet of Lex Luthors.Lex Luthor soon hated the rabbit because he ruined four of his experiments by distracting him.So he intended to kill him with radiation.He blasted him with radiation.It did a strange effect on him.He ran away cause Lex was mean.The radiation hurt him.Two days later he was dying of cancer and every time he was hurting his eyes would glow green.He soon arrived at Clark Kent's house.The next day Clark saw the rabbit lying on the floor.He felt sorry for him.Luthor named the rabbit Derek.So Clark soon took care of the rabbit.He soon found out that the rabbit had a random type of cancer.Only the radiation was effecting his eyes.Clark cured the rabbit by throwing it in toxic waste.After that its eyes stopped glowing.It was cured and recovered.Clark adopted the rabbit and renamed it Binky.He soon discovered Binky had superpowers.Binky became Binky the superrabbit but usually it was known as Superrabbit.It became friends with Krypto and Ace the bat hound.Binky wears a green cape and a collar that has the Superman symbol on it.He is a white rabbit with black spots.The radiation also gave him the ability to talk to people.People sometimes call him the rabbit of steel.He can fly and has x ray vision and super strength.He discovered Clark Kent was Superman.Binky the superrabbit was good friends with Batman and Robin too.He even fought joker once too.

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