Avrill Castel is a former Olymipic archer as well as an immigrant from Russia who came to the United States. In order to pay off her parents debt to the Falconies and keep them safe, Avrill has agreed to work for the Joker. She is the foil character and rival of Bella Nunez in Bella's "Batman Saga". Though considered a villain, Avrill is ridden with extreme guilt and will perform heroic tasks in secret as a second persona "Lightfoot". She has also started a blog that helps people forced into villainy because of their abilities.


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Real Name
Avrill Castel
Current Alias

Lightfoot (Heroine persona)

The Joker

Inna Castel - (Mother)

Ivan Castel - (Younger Brother)

Avric Castel - (Father)

Base Of Operations
Joker's Funhouse






Marital Status

Bounty Hunter, Olympic Athlete (Former)



Place of Birth

First appearance

"I'll do what I have protect my family."
--Avrill Castel


Avrill Castel was born in Russia to Avric and Inna Castel. Due to the increasing problems their, Avrill and her parents managed to flee the country, and got to America. This was when Avrill was only 10. Being that she was brought to a new country at such a young age, her parents feared that she would assimilate too much with a new culture, and abandon her primary culture. Nonetheless, a family member already living in America assured them that Avrill would have a better chance at success if she was in a public school and learned American customs. Fast-forward five years, and Avrill gets a baby brother. He is named Ivan. Meanwhile, Avrill had become the best archer on her school's team, setting multiple records. This and her excellent grades in school (namely literature and history) would ultimately get her scholarships in the future to Princeton University in New Jersey. Saying goodbye to her parents, Avrill went off in hopes to one day become an Olympic athlete. She was discovered during her junior year of college, and began training for Olympic tryouts. Avrill would narrowly beat out her competition, and was overjoyed to have earned her dream. Avrill contacted her parents with the news. However, much to her dismay, Inna and Avric did not except this. They felt she had betrayed her country by joining the American team, a team that would go up against team Russia. They refused to be apart of it, and refused any money she offered to give them. Inna and Avric were going through financial crisis as recession plagued Gotham (and most of America). Eventually they would take an offer from a mob boss in order to keep their business open. They, however could not raise enough money to pay back the Falconies. Inna, Ivan, and Avric were kidnapped by the Joker and his lackeys. Joker intended to test out his new poison on them, but received word from Harley Quinn that Avrill was in town for a Press Conference, as well as to pay a visit to her family. The Joker saw this as an opportunity to take out Bella Nunez. He would contact Avrill and make her a deal she couldn't refuse. Either she work for the Joker which would call for him to keep her family safe, or she could refuse and Joker would have them killed. Avrill obviously chose the former, and agreed to work for Joker.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


Above-Average Intellect: A former student at Princeton University, Avrill is extremely well educated. She is advanced in Literature and World History. Olympic Level Archer: Avrill is extremely talented when it comes to using a bow. She has remarkable aim, even from far distances. Because her arrows are contaminated with Joker's special poison, arrows with a green tag that penetrate a victim can potentially kill them. It does seem that Batman has developed an antidote for the poison. Olympic Level Fitness: Avrill has the body and physical capacity of a woman of her age who trains intensively. Hand-to-Hand Combat: Mainly a feature of her persona, Lightfoot, Avrill is capable of holding her own in hand-to-hand combat rivaling the power and reflex of a veteran police officer. Special Toxins: Another feature of Lightfoot, Avrill uses toxic gases given to her by the Joker to use against villains or to use as positive status effects on herself. It can also allow her to escape.

Strength level

Avrill Castell's abilities are comparable to that of Bella's. Though Avril doesn't use elemental attacks, she is a long range fighter as herself, and has incredibly fast reflexes.


Avrill has a hard time facing heroes, because she dislikes working for the Joker. Also, being plainly human grants her no extraordinary abilities. She must rely on her own stamina and ability to triumph, and like all humans these factors can very depending on a number of situations.


Equipment: Bow & Arrows Toxic/Status Toxins Grappling Hook
Transportation: Avrill usually works at night and scales and will walk or run as a means of transportation.
Weapons: Bow & Arrow


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