Alien is a dangerous computer virus, enemy to Reaper and member of the Creeper corps.


Alien's basic appearance is what his name suggests, alien. His body is that of a muscular humanoid but his features are comparable to that of a Xenomorphs as they posses similar head, tail and hand structure, and for some reason speaks with a distinct British accent. When asked about it he mentioned that he made this form by stealing the Governments data on Xenomorphs. He also owns a large dagger shaped ship called the Phoebus. His primary function is to steal tools and cause distracting, allowing other viruses to work. However one day he got too cocky and was captured. He was fortunate enough to have caught attention of an incredibly powerful virus called Creeper. Creeper successfully freed Alien and forced him to work for him, or else he would delete him personally. During battle Alien would use the Phoebus to distract the Virus corps while his fellow team mates did their dirty work. He seems to be somewhat of a loner, rarely talking to the other members of the Creeper corps, instead working on equipment for the team and polishing his ship. He clearly doesn't get along with the Byte Warrior because while Alien prefers to use his intelligence to defeat his foe, the Byte warrior loves brute strength. Alien participated in the battle against the Lamer Exterminator by using his ship to attack from the air. Unfortunately for him LE blasted his ship from the sky and grounded it, Alien survived however and was thrilled when he learned that the Byte Warrior had not survived. After the battle he worked on a newer ship: The Phoebus V2.0.

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