ANT is a member of the Creeper corps and a mindless drone.


ANT has the appearance of an anthromorphic ant wearing a heavy suit of armour with two giant cannons on the shoulders. ANT was created to do what any real ant would do: multiply and spread out, conquering all. However without any real AI he was easily defeated. Luckily for him Creeper rescued him from the deletion bin under the condition that he worked for him. Of course being a hive minded creature ANT attacked Creeper immediately. Seeking to recruit him anyway Creeper reprogrammed him to be his loyal minion who would see him as his "Queen". Creeper paired him with Eliza another virus who could multiply at will. Eliza however was made to act as ANT's brain, using her high intelligence and tactical prowess to command him in battle. While alone they posed little threat together they were incredibly deadly and hard to beat. Reaper and the Virus corps often had to find ways to spilt them up before defeating them, but could never actually capture them due to intervention from their team-mates. Creeper once said "You may be beneath me but I can still use your abilities to my advantage." While ANT's simple mind perceived this as a compliment, Eliza said "Great, cannon fodder for an ancient virus, what could be better?" ANT participated in the battle against the Lamer Exterminator and survived. He used his numerous clones to attack while he and Eliza hung behind and watched their drones attack.

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